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Thank you for your interest in the MTT-136. Many of you have been writing to us and each day we have been receiving numerous emails since the launch of our web site and MTT-136 videos. We take the time to read each email but unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of the correspondence, we cannot respond to each one of you. Your comments and support are a great source of motivation for us and will allow us to offer a quality product.

Since the release of the MTT video of the from My Track Technology we have received thousands of requests worldwide from manufacturers, distributors, as well as people interested in purchasing one of our MTT machines for their personal or work needs. That is why we are presently moving from prototype to mass production of the MTT-136. This process will enable us to meet the demands of the various manufacturing and distribution companies who have approached us.

We are currently interested in and open to negotiations with potential companies to manufacture or distribute a significant number of MTT-136 units over a wide territory in order to offer excellent service and quality machines at an affordable price.

Consumers will be completely satisfied with the performance, low maintenance and autonomy of the MTT-136. Your purchase will contribute to protecting the environment through green, sustainable and safe transport technology. We are making every effort to see that MTT-136 models are available as soon as possible, and will update our website with these details soon.

Continue to share the video to promote green technologies.

Yvon Martel


My Track Technologies has developed ecological and eco-friendly products which produce no smelly air pollution.  These machines are completely electric and can be plugged in to recharge (just like your cell phone) for work or leisure purposes.  They are safe and reliable and represent a means of transportation somewhere between snowshoes and a motorized vehicle, thus occupying a very interesting market niche.  These devices will adapt to all types of activities to increase human productivity and enhance transportation in a non-polluting way.

Models of the MTT can be personalized to meet individual needs like transporting people with reduced mobility, carrying critical first aid equipment for First Responders, or providing electrical energy in an emergency.

Electricity is an essential need in our modern world. Generators may be used as a power source in emergency situations, or where electricity is not regularly available. With generator use come the disadvantages of the handling of the heavy piece of equipment and the distance between the generator and the apparatus it is meant to power, as well as the actual transportation of the generator to and from the site. As a practical solution to all of these issues, My Track Technology can provide units with an autonomous power supply or integrated generator. This type of unit provides a readily transportable 110 or 220 volt power supply which is located inside the track casing, and allows the operator to take electrical energy over long distances or difficult terrain, in addition to pulling a trailer or sled. Our aim is to facilitate electrical generator power for a diversity of needs including leisure, first aid, tourism and agricultural applications.

My Track Technology holds international patents for the single track and multiple track versions, with or without the integrated generator. Its low centre of gravity enables the machine to safely navigate steep slopes. The simple track design and maximum clearance enables our machine to easily pass over obstacles. Our patented technology recovers heat from the electric motor to protect the battery system from cold temperatures. This makes the MTT-136 a high performance, four season vehicle. The size of the machine is variable and can be manufactured to meet a wide variety of uses and budgets.

We are looking for manufacturers or distributors wishing to manufacture or sell licensed in different countries. If you are interested, please contact us. You will find our contact information on the CONTACT tab.

International Patents

- 2,762,353
- 2,772,513
- 8,453,769
- 8,528,672
- 8,827,014

Other patents process (PCT).



(Mono track 15 in)

Power pack

Lead or Lithium batteries

  • Nominal capacity : 6 kWh to 20 kWh
  • Chargeur (integrated) : Standard 110 V or 220 V
  • Charge time standard : 4 to 7 hours 95% charge
  • Optional chargeurs : 1 to 2 hours 95% loaded


  • Mtt-136 : 125 kg to 160 kg
  • Load capacity : 200 kg
  • Towing capacity : 400 kg


  • 50 to 350 km depending battery

* Aluminium housing water resistant and dust : standard IP 66

(Tracked dumper, 2X15 in)

Power pack

  • Two electric motors modular power allowing for accurate and sensitive steering.

Lead or Lithium batteries

  • Nominal capacity : 8 kWh to 40 kWh
  • Chargeur ( integrated ) : Standard 110 V or 220 V
  • Temps load : 4 to 7 hours 95% charge
  • Optional chargeurs : 1 to 2 hours 95% loaded


  • Mtt-136-T : 250 kg to 320 kg
  • Load capacity : 500 kg
  • Towing capacity : 900 kg


  • 80 to 450 km depending battery

* Aluminium housing water resistant and dust : standard IP 66





  • Chargers high performance
  • Trailer
  • Snowplow
  • Sled
  • Joystick
  • Wagon train
  • Monoski
  • Mono-wheel
  • Telescopic lighting
  • Gravel box
  • Harvest basket
  • Platform with side panels
  • Converter 110 volts or 220 volts AC output
  • DC Output 12, 24, 36, 48 volts
  • Radio-control remote guidance
  • USB port for charging cell phone


- 100% electric
- Residential energy-storage self-propelled
- Economical
- Safe
- No smoke or odor
- Long autonomy
- Durable
- No noise pollution
- Large load capacity
- Minimal maintenance
- Four seasons
- All terrain
- Resistance to water and dust : standard IP 66
- Operational on steep slopes
- Tested mechanical components
- Multifunction tools
- Facilitate displacement of people with reduced mobility
- Climb up and down staircases
- Indispensable in emergency or natural disaster situations
- Powerful
- Low centre of gravity
- Maximal clearance – clears most obstacles
- Recovers heat from its own electric motor to keep batteries at ambient temperature
- Drinking water transport