MTT136 Yvon Martel

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Thank you for your interest in the MTT-136. Many of you have been writing to us and each day we have been receiving numerous emails since the launch of our web site and MTT-136 videos. We take the time to read each email but unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of the correspondence, we cannot respond to each one of you. Your comments and support are a great source of motivation for us and will allow us to offer a quality product.

Since the release of the MTT video of the from My Track Technology we have received thousands of requests worldwide from manufacturers, distributors, as well as people interested in purchasing one of our MTT machines for their personal or work needs. That is why we are presently moving from prototype to mass production of the MTT-136. This process will enable us to meet the demands of the various manufacturing and distribution companies who have approached us.

We are currently interested in and open to negotiations with potential companies to manufacture or distribute a significant number of MTT-136 units over a wide territory in order to offer excellent service and quality machines at an affordable price.

Consumers will be completely satisfied with the performance, low maintenance and autonomy of the MTT-136. Your purchase will contribute to protecting the environment through green, sustainable and safe transport technology. We are making every effort to see that MTT-136 models are available as soon as possible, and will update our website with these details soon.

Continue to share the video to promote green technologies.

Yvon Martel